Swiss Driving License

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Exchanging of foreign driving license

Foreign Driving License

With your old driving license you are only allowed to drive temporarily in Switzerland. Within a year, you must exchange it for a Swiss driver’s license.

For the exchange of your driving license, you must bring the following documents personally to the Road Traffic Office (Strassenverkehrsamt).

Application form. Can be downloaded from the website of the responsible road traffic department.

Driving Lessons Zurich

Swiss Driving License

To achieve the swiss driving license you need to do several steps.

First Aid Course – San Arena

Driving Theory Test

Traffic Course – Verkehrskundekurs (VKU)

Practical Driving Test

Obligatory WAB Course

Driving Test Zurich

Practial Driving Test

During the practical driving test an expert assesses whether you are able to drive a car (category B) safely and in compliance with traffic rules. The duration of the test is 45 min.

In order to acquire the most important skills and to prepare for the “Kontrollfahrt”, it is reccomended to take 5 – 10 driving lessons.

The practical driving test (Kontrollfahrt) will be lead only in German.

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